Fix for Missing drupal/gplib package in Composer

If yall are like me, you have all started using composer for all of your Drupal dependency management. This is all through the work of webflow and his maintenance on

I did run into a problem recently:

  require-dev: {
    "drupal/api": "7.*",

This yields the following error

Some Fun with Drupal and Composer

At work, there has been lots of work making our code repos smaller for the fact that we would love our code reviews to only contain that in which we maintain. This means, all 3rd party code shouldn't be stored in our git repositories, and the changes that matter will not go unnoticed. To that end, Will Milton has went through some pretty pain staking development to get existing drupal modules into a packagist. This works with all versions of Drupal, as it's essentially, just Composer!

Continuous Integration Efforts Get Easier with Drupal 8

At MidCamp (Midwest Drupal camp), I found out a really fascinating thing about Drupal 8: Support for PHPUnit is going to be part of the base distribution. This means a great deal to Solutions Architects and Developers at Promet because we have been striving to integrate automated tests into our build. Perhaps you remember from my talks or previous posts, number four of my 10 Principles of Continuous Integration is "Self-Testing Build". This makes Drupal a much more sought-after platform for shops looking to fully embrace Continuous Integration.

Male and Female Default (Gender Based) Avatar Images for Drupal User Profiles

I was sitting here thinking tonight that there must be a strong use case for male and female default avatars since there are several sites out there with users that with to remain "anonymous" but give enough information to determine their gender. I mulled over trying to make a module out of this but I don't think it would be advantageous enough to fix this customization to only 2 options and some how tying that to a field in the profile. So I decided to blog about how you could program this yourself.

Use Drush to Test Update Hooks

So I've always been a big fan of using drush for debugging. You can see a little bit about it in Finding an exiting Page's Callback Function in Drupal. I find that some of the most annoying bits of testing what I'm doing comes when I'm dealing with Update Hooks. Check out what I do down below using drush to do my testing.