Selenium: What is it Good For?

Absolutely Something!

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September 17, 2012

Whatcha Gonna Do?

  • Selenium
    • Selenium IDE: A comprehensive walkthrough of the misunderstood IDE.
    • Store and Run Tests: A guide to Automated Testing at it's most basic level.
  • PHPUnit
    • The Important Features: What we need to get Selenium working with PHPUnit.
    • Translation from Selenium IDE: The first steps to using PHPUnit for managing and running your tests.
  • Continuous Integration
    • Overview: What does it mean to be continuously integrated?
    • Using Jenkins: A quick use case for using Continuous Integration.



About Me

Allan Chappell
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Headless Selenium
Test Case Manager



What is Selenium?

Selenium automates browsers. That's it.


Selenium IDE

  • Record Your Actions.
  • Modify Your Targets.
  • Fill In the Gaps With Tests.
  • Store and Run Your Tests.

Selenium IDE

Record Your Actions.

Live Demo Time!

Store Tests

Warning: Conflicting Information!

If you plan to move on to more advanced testing:

Separate different features into different Test Suites.

If you plan to stick with what you got now:

Combine all features into the same Test Suite.

Store Tests

For both do:

  • Separate tests into logical test cases.
  • Share and reap the rewards!

Run Tests

  • Make a backup of the database.
    (Check out backup and migrate)
  • Run the Tests!
  • Restore if needed.



You are ready to move to the next level!


Where does PHPUnit come in?

PHPUnit allows you to make the process more automated!


Selenium Feature Overview

  • You can run your old tests! (with massaging)
  • You can now perform repetitive tasks!
  • You can now chain running your tests to events!

Translation of Selenium tests

There are 2 ways!

  • PHP Export Addon
  • Throwing your selenese test cases into a directory and telling PHPUnit to run em.

<Impersonate class='audience'>

Great... But how to do I use it?


Live Demo Time!



You've leveled up twice in an hour!


You should feel proud of yourself... No, Really!

There's MORE?!? I thought I made the tests automated?

But you can do more with continuous integration provided by a platform such as Travis, Hudson, Jenkins.

Continuous Integration


Continuous Integration (CI) there to help your work's quality by:

  • Taking repetitive manual tasks and automating them
  • Doing these tasks more frequently
  • And doing these task faster!

Things That Now Become Easier and Possible

  • Code standard checking
  • Processing Tasks on events such as commits!
  • More information in an already formatted report!
  • Running Tests

To Complete This Level You Must...

  • Install a CI system: Hudson, Jenkins, and Travis are all free with great documentation.
  • Build a job: Usually tell it when to run. For instance, on git commit to github, or every night at midnight.
  • Tell it what to do: Anything commandline will run. PHPUnit is commandline. Hudson, Travis, have Selenium built in!


The Live Demo



You've made it to The End!


But wait there's one more thing...

What this means is that you now have a choice based on the following...

  • How Automated do you want to go.
  • What works for your team?
  • How many resources do you have to dedicate to automation?

In the end, it is almost always best for your product to get to the last level.