Christening My First Blog Site

I've never really wanted a blog until recently. What made me want to do it? Most of it was the hard effort I've put into doing youtube videos recently and trying to get my name out so I can do more public talks. I would like to say that I'm a prominent member of some user group or organization. To be frank, I'm just some regular guy (some general redneck) who wants a little attention, but not too much. I have an ambition to become a great speaker, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to really take that leap and/or feel that I have a real specialized area on which to speak (aside from maybe selenium testing). I wish to become a leader... a General of a user group or organization so that I may remain General Redneck. I would also like to add things that I find helpful, giving back. The interwebz is made up of knowledge, both big and small, easy and complicated. I thought about it the other day... I searched the web for something like 'remove a file in linux', and saw all those people that participate in forming the data on the web and thought, "Well someone had to contribute even the easiest tasks on the web. Why can't that be me?" Honestly, I thought before, "Why contribute the small stuff. It's already out there." The simple fact is, this isn't always the case. And sometimes it takes explaining it a certain way for it to click to certain people. With all that said, I'm dedicating this blog to y'all, the people that already help contribute to the web and am proud to say I am joining the ranks!