Dallas Drupal Days Are Coming

I really wanted to give a simple plug for the Dallas Drupal Days 2012. I'm posting it here mostly because I feel that I have a real shot at talking at my first huge event and secondly because I want the camp to be successful. Of course, I want to talk about Selenium and how to get started as a developer. It is the thing I feel most comfortable with.

I really want to get to a point where I'm comfortable talking about testing in general. In particular, I would like to be a lot like Chris Hartjes. He's got this thing down and a persona to boot. The great thing is... it's genuine. He's not a fake Grumpy Programmer. When I last talked with him at the Lone Star PHP 2012 conference, he was cussin' a storm, generally upset that the world didn't see testing like he did. Though he also wanted to make an example and set them straight. He's probably my newest hero and I do a lot to follow in those Canadian foot steps. Maybe I can write a book some day.

But back on topic, the topic I've chosen looks like the following:

Selenium: What is it good for? Absolutely Something!
Common symptoms of the need for automated testing are:
* Missed Deadlines
* Grumpy and overworked QA
* Large support Queues

Automated testing with Selenium is the first step to start relieving those symptoms and is relatively easy to get going with the most basic tests requiring just a quick run through the websites most used features with Selenium IDE.

Allan Chappell, Web Developer and Selenium Expert from AllPlayers.com will present an overview of several solutions using combinations of Selenium, PHPunit, and continuous integration software such as Hudson, to show that automated Selenium Testing can be achieved by any team, no matter how big or small.

* Selenium IDE: A comprehensive walkthrough of the misunderstood IDE
* Storing Tests: A guide to Automated Testing at it's most basic level
* Overview: The features used by the Default Selenium Test Driver.
* Test Translation: The first steps to using PHPUnit to manage and run your tests
* Continuous Integration: What does it mean to be continuously integrated?
* Getting SetUp: A quick tutorial to get you set up to run selenium tests on code rollout.

I've not got the slides ready, but with my experience (spaning for more than 4 years with selenium now), I should be able to pull this off piece of cake! I may however take a speaking class to try and get rid of the ums, uhs, and other crap that comes out of my mouth when I speak. I try to edit most of it out of most of my youtube videos, which in an hour long video, once freed up an entire minute!

No seriously, sign up for Dallas Drupal Days! I will be speaking and possibly manning a booth on Friday if you are there for the business summit. I'm also trying to get Travis Tidwell and Glenn Pratt to do some talking as they are both influential speakers at my work place.

Travis Tidwell is most known for his undying love for Media Front, but has been also known for his excellent Javascript skills and his fantastic work with weforms.

Glenn Pratt has always been a powerhouse coder as long as I know him. He's interested in Behat and a somewhat major player in the Drupal Commerce world, though it seems that I just found out, I have 1 more commit on the commiters list to drupal commerce than he does!

Finally, I hope yall come out and see me speak (if I get the chance). As well as check out some of the people I've referenced in this post, as they are ALL important to me and my success.