To Drupal or Not to Drupal

I don't know if most of y'all know or not but I own a very small consulting company call Associate Innovations. Before I started working for I did a lot of php consulting and mainly worked with Zend Framework. In that time I started work on a product called Roommate Expense Buddy, or REB for short. it was built in Zend. Well one day I updated my operating system on my development box before checking to see if the backups I ftped over was good or not. They were not. with that said I've been fighting with the idea on whether to go the drupal route or go back with Zend or maybe even Symphony. Drupal seems so appealing because ot takes care of all the CRUD for you. the downsides are it's heavy and doesn't fit my needs perfectly. on the other hand this prject woyld give me a chance to contribute to Commerce and maybe even a few views plugins. is this Drupal Blindness? Also yay for blog posts from the comfort of the bed using my Nook Touch & Glow.