My First D8 Site as A Professional Drupal Developer - Questions With Answers

My first Drupal 8 site was/is, like most of yall will find out, crucial to learning how to "Drupal". In this post, I'm going to replay some of the questions I had as I started looking at the requirements of a new site and the answers I found to those questions.

  • How Do I Start a Drupal 8 Site Build
  • Drupal 8 Configuration Management... How do I use it, and what is it good for?
  • So There are some Things that have changed in Drush 8...
  • What is an Update Process for a Drupal 8 Site?
  • Writing custom code? Module Basics in Drupal 8.
  • How do I Migrate Data in Drupal 8?
  • I've Got a Custom Page for My Drupal 8 Site... How?
  • Well !@#$... drupal_js_add, drupal_css_add, css/js in the info file are gone!

I'm splitting this post across several posts as each question solves a very specific problem. Otherwise, this post would be super long and most of yall don't have that kind of attention span (I know... I have Google Analytics!)

I also want to give you the rundown of the requirements for the site. As your general redneck, I've got animals. Specifically, I've recently taken on the title "Rabbit Herder". Long story short, taking a brief look around, I noticed the existing rabbit management software is slightly dated...

Ok... well... almost before pencil and paper type dated...

The Requirements of My First Site

I need to take some existing forms and turn them into a web interface. You can see some examples of rabbit record keeping sheets over at

Specifically, I'm interested in the following things:

  • Pedigree
  • Doe Records
  • Buck Records
  • Hutch Log (Breeding Records)
  • Weight Records

Pedigree and Rabbit Entry

For pedigree, I need know the Breed of the Rabbit. Luckly Wikipedia has that information and I've been able to turn it into a CSV. We can use the Breed to make suggestions on the information entered in when we add rabbits.

Hutch Logs

When entering in Hutch Log Records, when we have babies (kits), we will probably want to have that insert new records for the babies that are alive.

Nice To Haves

Eventually I would like to allow multiple people to keep their records on the site and keep the records from intermingling... You know... Like maybe OG.


Lastly (or maybe Firstly) this should be responsive and easy to access via phone.

To Sum Up Our Tasks

So this involves some of the following:

  • Migration
  • Configuration Management
  • Custom Pages
  • Javascript
  • Custom Styling
  • Possibly some Ajax
  • Some User management

But first... we need to know How Do I Start a Drupal 8 Site Build