Dallas / Fort Worth CiviCRM Meetup: Organization Registration

Event location

Improving Enterprises
16633 Dallas Parkway
Suite 100
Addison, TX

Not many people know that I am a strong supporter of CiviCRM. I find it a challenge and the community a lot of fun. I'll be giving a presentation on a use-case presented to me at my place of work involving implemented limited seats per organization in the form of a membership. Make sure to sign up

A walk-through case study of one Chicago-based non-profit that provides memberships to organizations via a code and limits the number of signups. In this session, we will touch on:

  • Drupal programming integration via the CiviCRM API
  • A little bit about CiviCRM Hooks
  • How to use the "Max Related" field
  • How Relationships can be used to tie organizations to individuals in membership management