Texas Camp 2018 - Working Remote Remote

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Norris Event Center
2525 W Anderson Ln. #365,
Austin, TX 78757


I’m a big fan of nature and one of the first things I thought when I got my first “work from home” job was, “I’m no longer tethered to an office!” For some, this means scoping out your favorite coffee shop. For others, it means working from the comfort of your own home where it’s quite and secure. For me, it means I have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. This also means some of the more remote places near me. However, before I could start working in this new amazing way, I had to first consider how I could start working that way, where I could work, and finally, how could I make working away from the office a better experience.

In this talk we will go over

What does "Remote Remote" Mean?
How can you start working remote remote?
What are the limiting utilities
What Are Courtesies To Your Coworkers / Clients You Should Consider?
How do you find a location?
What are some Gadgets That Make Remote Work Easier

I will be bringing my "office" with me and explain the various scenarios where the gear can be used and the levels of necessity for each of the items.

Allan Chappell
Allan Chappell (speaking usually with the alias General Redneck), is a "Good Ol' Country Boy" hailing from near Dallas Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems specializing in web development, and is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer and an Acquia Certified Developer. He specializes in DevOps, automated testing, automated code delivery, and continuous integration.

He has given several presentations on the top of Continuous Integration at venues such as BAD Camp, MidCamp, Drupal Corn, and Texas Camp.