Patching Modules using Composer Patches Plugin

For those who haven't done the composer thing long here is some documentation I wrote up for the Promet Source regarding patching modules using Composer using the Composer Patches Plugin.

Drupal Con Los Angeles

Event date: 
Monday, May 11, 2015 (All day) to Friday, May 15, 2015 (All day)

Join the Behat training Sponsered by Promet Source. Myself, Lisa Ridley, and Doug Dobrynzki are going to teach the masses on how to create User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, and turn those into Behat Features and Scenarios.

Fix for Missing drupal/gplib package in Composer

If yall are like me, you have all started using composer for all of your Drupal dependency management. This is all through the work of webflow and his maintenance on

I did run into a problem recently:

  require-dev: {
    "drupal/api": "7.*",

This yields the following error

Some Fun with Drupal and Composer

At work, there has been lots of work making our code repos smaller for the fact that we would love our code reviews to only contain that in which we maintain. This means, all 3rd party code shouldn't be stored in our git repositories, and the changes that matter will not go unnoticed. To that end, Will Milton has went through some pretty pain staking development to get existing drupal modules into a packagist. This works with all versions of Drupal, as it's essentially, just Composer!