How Do I Start a Drupal 8 Site Build

This is part of a series My First D8 Site as A Professional Drupal Developer - Questions With Answers. Be sure to check out my other questions and answers I had.

My First D8 Site as A Professional Drupal Developer - Questions With Answers

My first Drupal 8 site was/is, like most of yall will find out, crucial to learning how to "Drupal". In this post, I'm going to replay some of the questions I had as I started looking at the requirements of a new site and the answers I found to those questions.

  • How Do I Start a Drupal 8 Site Build
  • Drupal 8 Configuration Management... How do I use it, and what is it good for?
  • So There are some Things that have changed in Drush 8...
  • What is an Update Process for a Drupal 8 Site?
  • Writing custom code? Module Basics in Drupal 8.
  • How do I Migrate Data in Drupal 8?
  • I've Got a Custom Page for My Drupal 8 Site... How?
  • Well !@#$... drupal_js_add, drupal_css_add, css/js in the info file are gone!

Google Analytics Referral Spam Bots

I've recently discovered that my analytics were lying to me. Apparently it's a fairly well known fact that there are actually bots out there that maliciously sabotage your analytics simply to get their referral address in there. For what, I don't know exactly why. I'll tell you about the solutions that I've used and built to achieve fairly solid analytics from now on.

Updated with links to Solid Console App

Patching Modules using Composer Patches Plugin

For those who haven't done the composer thing long here is some documentation I wrote up for the Promet Source regarding patching modules using Composer using the Composer Patches Plugin.

Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

Up until today actually, I've always used Dexpot which is a very well made Virtual Desktop application much like Compiz in Linux. It has a lot of the same bells and whistles for managing/spiffying up your virtual desktop experience… except, Windows 8 and Windows 10 have some really debilitating bugs around the start menu. Additionally, you can't always expect all applications to play nice with it. I have particular issues with ConEmu. Read more about my Windows Development setup in a previous blog post.