Drupal 8 Development Framework

At Promet, I'm an avid Composer user with Drupal. With that said, we are now starting Drupal 8 sites for clients, camp sites, and even ourselves. With that said, Doug Dobrzynski recently made some changes to the Promet framework (on his own time) that allows it to work with Drupal 8. You can see it over on Github.

My Windows Development Environment

As a pretty avid Mac / Linux user, I get stuck in my ways. However, every once in a while I get an itch to do something different, just so I can see how those that I'm teaching are affected by some of the changes that I make. This includes the realm of the Windows PHP Developer. With that said I thought it handy to go about sharing some of the tools that I use to develop with to make my Windows environment more like the environments I'm used to.

Use Drush to Test Update Hooks

So I've always been a big fan of using drush for debugging. You can see a little bit about it in Finding an exiting Page's Callback Function in Drupal. I find that some of the most annoying bits of testing what I'm doing comes when I'm dealing with Update Hooks. Check out what I do down below using drush to do my testing.

Finding an existing Page's Callback Function in Drupal

So have you ever been stuck debugging where the heck that stupid page comes from that some random module seems to have placed in a configuration section that seems to be nothing related to the module itself? Well there are other use cases for what I'm about to show you as well but this is a cool little pro tip to get you on your feet and get you some place to start debugging.

Anchored Headings (Jump Links) with jQuery and CSS

I found this to be a problem recently when I built the documentation for the Views Natural Sort module. I always kinda envied the WordPress sites because they had this as an option to click on, but I had to code this for me. To give credit where it's due, this script was inspired over at Stack Overflow.