July 2012

Headless Selenium

In my work with AllPlayers.com, I have excelled my knowledge of Selenium probably double again. I started with Selenium for all the wrong reasons, but now, I consider myself pretty darn close to an expert. As a result, I was asked to come up with a solution that would implement Selenium on all of our development sandboxes via our configuration management system, Puppet. Now the truth is, I know very little about shell scripting.

Christening My First Blog Site

I've never really wanted a blog until recently. What made me want to do it? Most of it was the hard effort I've put into doing youtube videos recently and trying to get my name out so I can do more public talks. I would like to say that I'm a prominent member of some user group or organization. To be frank, I'm just some regular guy (some general redneck) who wants a little attention, but not too much.