September 2012

Selenium: What is it Good For - Series Overview

This is part one of the series of blog posts that explain the talks I've been giving at conventions and user groups recently. It is also based off the slides I used for the talks. The series will talk about Selenium, and how to use the different tools available to you to get automated testing started in your company. The difficulty becomes increasingly harder based on the part that you are on.

"Single User Mode" AKA root prompt with ⌘ + s

I'll be honest, I've never been a great mac fan-boy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that after my current macbook pro dies, I'll stick with a great PC that has all linux tested hardware and just use Ubuntu. It's not because I hate Mac. I like it quite a bit actually. It's because it's so damn expensive! With that said, I found this awesome looking iMac that was manufactured back in 2002, and their designs are cute and sleek. Unfortunately, It had the pervious user's password still on it. What do I do?!?